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Child Care Resources

Child Care Resources
994 N. Main Street
Sparta, NC 28675
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Division of Child Development

Choosing Child Care
Balancing work and family is often one of the most difficult things for parents. Along with being a working parent, comes the important choice in choosing who will provide care for your child. Who can you trust to provide a quality, early learning environment where your child can thrive? What are the licensing requirements in NC? What do you look for when making your selection? Child Care Resources can help you make an educated decision. We will inform you of your options and provide you with the information to make an educated, informed choice that fits your needs. It is important to know that anyone in NC providing care for more than two children that are not related to them on a full time basis OR operating more than 20hrs /week is REQUIRED to have a license. Each licensed provider should have a copy of their license posted in their center/home with their license ID number visible. If someone is operating a childcare programs outside these guidelines, they are breaking the law. Call Child Care Resources at 372-2846 and talk to us about your needs. We'll fill you in on the Star Rated License system, tell you what to look for in a quality program and send you information that you will find useful in your search.

Please keep in mind we make referrals not recommendations.
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