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Choosing A Babysitter

Choosing a Babysitter is a very important decision for any parent.  It is important that the person we have watching our children is caring and responsible.  There are certain traits that are good to look for and others that can be signals that a babysitter might not be the best choice for your family:


Has a Good, Friendly Personality

Asks Questions & Wants to Please Parents

On Time Arrivals

First-Aid/CPR Trained

Plans Activities/Crafts to do with the Kids

Dressed Casual to Play with the Kids

Communicates with Parents about what happens when they are not there

Has References from Multiple Happy Parents



Doesn’t Talk to the Parents

Doesn’t listen or seem to care about Instructions

Arrives Late-Unreliable

Kids Cry/Scream when being Left with Babysitter

Kids Show a Change of Behavior

Kids have Frequent or Unexplained Accidents

Invites People over without Parent’s Permission

Seems Tired or Worried All the Time

An important aspect of making sure your babysitter has the standards of care that you expect is monitoring and staying informed.  Below you can view/download information that will help guide you in the decision of choosing a babysitter and making sure that person is doing a good job.

*If your child(ren) show any signs that they are uncomfortable or scared of a certain babysitter, it is important to find out the reason and take appropriate action which may include changing babysitters or deciding to choose a child care center instead of an individual.  If you have any reason to believe that your child has been abused by a babysitter (either physically or sexually), contact law enforcement immediately.*
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